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Privacy Policy


JSC Arte Domestica is the owner and hoster of domain and website.  Arte Domestica respects Your privacy and collects, stores, uses and discloses or otherwise processes Your Personal data in the manner described in this privacy policy and/or applicable legislation, including the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), as well as other information that is provided to You (e.g. in contracts, in share regulations, etc.).

This Privacy Policy describes the principles of the collection, use, or other ways of processing of information that we operate on our Website, as well as other information on the processing of Personal data, policies and principles in the activities of Arte Domestica by ensuring the protection of Personal Data.


  1. Concepts

1.1. The concepts and  expressions that start with a capital letter have the following meanings in this Privacy Policy:

1.1.1. Personal Data means any information about You as a natural person whose identity is identified  or may be identified (A Data Subject ); a natural person whose identity may be identified is a person whose identity may be identified directly (by identifier, such as name and surname, Internet ID) or indirectly (by one or more characteristics of the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of a natural person);

1.1.2. GDPR – Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 year on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95-46/EC;

1.1.3. The Data Controller or Arte Domestica or we, or us, or our – UAB Arte Domestica, legal entity code 226056360, the address of the registered office is Savanorių pr. 180, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania, office address is Verkių g. 25C (“Ulonų verslo centras”), LT-08223 Vilnius, The Republic of Lithuania;

1.1.4. You or Your, any person who visits the website and makes use of its functionalities (e.g. submits an inquiry), or is either an Arte Domestica customer or a representative of a customer, or participates in Arte Domestica organized promotions, or in any other way provides us Personal data or has a legitimate basis for the processing of Personal data;

1.1.5. Privacy Policy presents Arte Domestica principles, rules, and requirements that determine the information that is associated with the use of the Website and its functionalities, as well as Personal data collection, retention, use, and other management procedures and other relevant provisions;

1.1.6. Cookies are small files that are sent to Your browser and stored on Your computer, phone, or another device that You use to connect to a Website;

1.1.7. Website – means a website, unless specified otherwise in the Privacy Policy.


  1. General Provisions

2.1. This Privacy Policy is mandatory for any person who visits the Website and/or uses any other content on the Website. If You do not agree to this Privacy Policy, You may not use the Website or any other content on the Website as well as to submit any inquiries.

2.2. This Privacy Policy also applies in other situations, such as when You are a potential or an existing customer of Arte Domestica, representative of the customer and participate in promotions organized by Arte Domestica. Additional and/or more detailed information on how we process your Personal Data may be provided in the contracts and in other information and documents provided by Arte Domestica (e.g. in the shares regulations). The Data Controller has the right to process Your Personal Data in other cases and for other purposes that have not been covered by this Privacy Policy, however, in any case, You will be informed about the processing of Your Personal Data in accordance to the legislation.

2.3. The submission of Your Personal information on a Website for the specified or requested purposes of Arte Domestica is voluntary but necessary in order to enable us, for example, to answer your inquiries, or to complete contracts for the sale of goods, etc.


  1. Sign in to a Website

3.1. Each time You visit a Website, Website servers temporarily store information on the connecting device in the login file. In this procedure, regardless of Your action, the data below is automatically collected and stored for as long as it will be automatically and/or manually deleted, i.e., the IP address of the connecting computer, the date and time of the login, browser and version information, device type, and other technical data. The main reason why this information is collected and processed is to enable You to use our Website, in order to ensure the continued security and stability of the system, feasibility of the technical administration of the network infrastructure as well as for the purposes of internal statistics. In addition, an IP address may be investigated and used for violations concerning this Privacy Policy including the attacks against the Website infrastructure, as well as for statistical purposes and in other cases when this is provided for in this Privacy Policy or in the applicable legislation.


  1. The main reasons why Arte Domestica processes your Personal Data, the Data Subject categories, as well as other information related to Your personal data processing

4.1. The Personal Data of the following Data Subjects is processed for the following legitimate purposes:

4.1.1. Personal Data is processed for customers and/or their employees in respect of the management purposes of the material and financial resources, including the management of bookkeeping

– Processed Personal Data: name, surname, address, an address of delivery of goods, VAT code, in the case when the customer is represented by his employee – his name, surname, workplace data;

– A legal basis for the processing of Personal Data: Personal Data is processed to comply with the legal obligations applicable to the Data Controller;

– Period of personal data storage: 10 (ten) years from the moment the invoice is issued.

4.1.2. Electronic trade processing i.e. Personal Data of platform users is processed for the purposes of the awarding and completing of contracts with electronic ordering platform users (identification of the buyer, sale of goods, delivery of goods, storage and protection of violated rights and legitimate interests, settlement organization and fulfillment of other commitments arising from the sale relationships):

– Processed Personal Data: name and surname, email address, telephone number, fax (at the discretion of the data subject), delivery address and payer address, payer bank account number, purchase history and related information, and when the customer is represented by his employee, his working email, name, surname, information about the entity represented by the person;

– A legal basis for the processing of Personal Data: Personal Data is processed for the completion of a contract, where one Party is the Data Subject and, in the cases, where Personal Data of Arte Domestica customers’ employees is processed, Arte Domestica has a legitimate interest in performing contractual commitments with customers;

– Personal Data recipients: For this purpose, processed Personal Data is provided to the entities engaged in the delivery of the goods, including the private limited company “DPD Lietuva”, legal entity code 111639299, address of the registered office is Terminalo g. 7, Biruliškių k., Kaunas region, Republic of Lithuania, UAB “DHL LIETUVA“, legal entity code 111529785, address of the registered office is Dariaus ir Girėno g. 81, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania, as well as entities providing payment collection services, including payment system “Paysera LT”, UAB, legal entity code 300060819, the address of the registered office Mėnulio g. 7, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania;

– A period for storing of Personal Data: 3 (three) years from the date on which the user has last time logged into his personal account created on the electronic order platform or has purchased the product in this website.

4.1.3. For the purposes of the awarding and performance of contracts (including additional guarantees for goods sold of Arte Domestica according to the purpose of supply) Personal data of end buyers – natural persons, who bought the goods from Arte Domestica is processed;

– Processed Personal Data: name and surname, email address, telephone number, details of the purchased item and related information (trade name, serial number and model number, date of purchase, place, city/country, purchase receipt/account number);

– A legal basis for the processing of Personal Data: Personal Data is processed for the purpose of completing the contract, where one of the Party is the Data Subject;

– A period for storing of Personal Data: 10 (ten) years after the proper performance of the contract, except cases when the information provided to You is indicated otherwise in each specific case.

4.1.4. In the case of direct marketing, including, but not limited to the purposes of sending newsletters, Personal Data is processed in the case when Arte Domestica receives Your personal consent, where You are treated as a Data Subject, to process Personal Data for this specific purpose:

– Processed Personal Data: name, surname, e-mail address;

– A legal basis for the processing of personal data: Personal data is processed with the consent of the Data subject;

– A period for storing of Personal Data: 2 (two) years from the date of receipt of the Data Subject’s consent, unless you renew your consent.

4.1.5. In order to make it possible for You to submit and ask questions, manage inquiries and disclose answers to Your questions by making use of the tools available on the Website (if any are made) and by taking an advantage of other Arte Domestica contacts:

– Processed Personal Data: name, e-mail address, a content of the disclosed question, as well as any other Personal Data submitted during Your communication with us;

– A legal basis for the processing of Personal Data: Personal Data is processed with the consent of the Data Subject;

– A period for storing of Personal Data: 6 (six) months;

– Other relevant information: provided in section 5 of this Privacy Policy.


  1. Submission of queries using Arte Domestica contact details

5.1. Arte Domestica gives You the opportunity to submit inquiries to Your questions on the Arte Domestica website or by “making use of other contact details.

5.2. Please note that when administering Your inquiries and providing answers, we may need to contact You by e-mail and/or telephone. If You change your contact details, please inform us immediately so that we can ensure smooth communication.


  1. Disclosure of Personal Data

6.1. We may disclose your Personal Data only on a legitimate basis (for example, when required by legislation or in cases when we have Your personal consent) and in accordance with the applicable legislative requirements.

6.2. In addition to the cases already mentioned in this Privacy Policy, You are informed of the fact that we may provide Your Personal data to:

6.2.1. providers of services, acting as Arte Domestica Personal Data processors and providing Arte Domestica services related to Website support and maintenance, IT, programming services, warranty services (where applicable), bookkeeping, including UAB “GoIT”, legal entity code 168683016, an address of the registered office Žalgirio g. 88, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania, UAB BALTIC CONTINENT, legal entity code 300872749, an address of the registered office is Pievų g. 18, Maišiagala m., Vilnius region, the Republic of Lithuania;

6.2.2. to the authorities and in the cases provided for in the legislation;

6.2.3. other third parties when You submit an appropriate request for the submission of Your Personal Data (or third parties about whom you are clearly informed in a different way and/or Your consent is received and the provision of information is agreed upon using a specific service);

6.2.4. other business entities, in the case when Arte Domestica is in the agreement with another legal entity or in the case of acquisitions

6.3. In all other cases, Personal Data is not provided unless it is inextricably linked with services provided by third parties of Arte Domestica (for example, financial or legal advice).


  1. Your, Personal Data Subject’s Rights

7.1. You, as a Personal Data Subject, have all applicable rights under the relevant legislation, including the following listed below:

7.1.1. Right to cancel the given consent. If You have given us your consent for the processing of Your Personal Data, You may cancel it at any time (the withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of Personal Data processing based on consent before its withdrawal) by contacting us using the contact details that are provided in section 12 of the Privacy Policy;

7.1.2. Right to request access to your Personal Data. You can access your Personal Data, which is processed by Arte Domestica. You can get information on how it is collected, how much time your data is stored and who and to what extent they receive information related to your personal data. However, Your right of access to the above-mentioned information may be limited by legislation;

7.1.3. Right to request the rectification of Personal Data. You may require Arte Domestica to rectify the Personal Data of Yours if it is incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete;

7.1.4. Right to disagree. Under certain circumstances, You have the right to disagree with the processing of your Personal Data, including the cases, when Your Personal Data is processed on the basis of a legitimate interest. You also have the right to oppose the use of your Personal Data for direct marketing purposes (only if and when we process data for these purposes);

7.1.5. Right to request the restriction of the processing of Personal Data. If You think that your Personal Data processed by Arte Domestica is incorrect or You do not agree with the use of the data, You may request that Arte Domestica by using these data would be restricted itself only to the storage of such data. Use and processing of data will be restricted only to storage, until the correctness of the data is established or whether the legitimate interests of Arte Domestica outweigh Your interests;

7.1.6. Right to request the deletion of Personal Data. If Your Personal Data is processed illegally, You do not agree to such processing of Your Personal Data or there are other grounds provided in the legislation, then You have the right to request that the data would be deleted in accordance with the restrictions provided in the legislation;

7.1.7. Right to data portability. You have the right to receive Your Personal Data that you submitted to Arte Domestica in a systematic, commonly used and computer-readable format as well as You have the right to request that the data were transferred to another Data Controller in accordance with the legislation.

7.2. You also have the right to lodge a complaint to the State data protection authority if You believe that the processing of Your Personal Data is being performed in violation of legislative requirements. However, You always have the right to contact us first using the contact details provided to You in section 12 of the Privacy Policy, if You have additional questions, or You wish to implement your rights in connection with the processing of Personal Data as set out above.

7.3. When submitting the applications in accordance with the rights related to the processing of Personal Data, You will be asked to confirm Your identity (for example, you will have to sign it electronically by submitting an application by electronic means).


  1. Cookies

8.1. Arte Domestica uses Cookies in their Website. Cookies are small files which are recorded in a computer or other device’s hard drive in order to ensure the proper functioning of the Website, the smooth use of the Website, as well as in certain cases for tracking the statistics on number of people who visit the website, development of user experience and marketing purposes.

8.2. When You visit the Website, You will be presented with a pop-up message providing a link to this Privacy Policy, which informs You about the use of Cookies on the Website. By using the Website continuously, You confirm that You allow Arte Domestica to be saved at Your terminal equipment (computer, tablet computer, smartphone, etc.). If You do not want or disagree with the saving of cookies at Your computer or other terminal equipment, You can always refuse Cookies by following the instructions specified in section 8.3.2 of this Privacy Policy or other foregoing suggestions set in Privacy Policy.


8.3. The Cookies related information that could be important to you is provided below:

8.3.1. There are different types of cookies. Session cookies are used only while browsing the internet and are automatically deleted after closing the browser; persistent cookies, i.e. such as those stored on Your terminal equipment (computer, tablet computer, smartphone, etc.) until the Cookie lifetime is set to expire or You refuse the Cookie using one of the methods described in this Privacy Policy or “third party cookies”,  i.e. those that are used by a person who is not a web administrator.

8.3.2. You can always refuse of our Cookies for which use You have given the consent if your browser allows you to do this, however, such refusal may have an impact on Your experience in relation to the usage of the Website. You can uninstall cookies in two ways: In Your browser, You may preview the cookies You have already installed on Your computer and delete them one by one or all at once. The steps you need to perform differ (the instructions with respect to the Cookies’ popular browsers You will find by clicking on the browser names provided below Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) so the specific actions to be performed should be determined by the browser you are using; You can also set your web browser to block Cookies or receive a warning about installing any Cookie. The steps You need to perform are different in each browser, so the specific actions to be performed should be set according to the browser You are using.

8.3.3. Please note that Cookies may also be used by Arte Domestica partners or other third parties who are not controlled by the Website administrator. Arte Domestica cannot and cannot be held responsible for such actions. If You suspect that, without your consent, Arte Domestica’s partners or other third parties who are not controlled by the Website administrator use Cookies, You should contact a specific partner or another third person.

8.4. A detailed list of Cookies used by Arte Domestica on the Website and the specifications are given in the table below:

Cookie               Purpose            Duration           Type

Technical and personalization Cookies are used for identifying, authenticating, browsing purposes, etc. These Cookies are used to identify the user during a session, speed up certain platform procedures, memorize user options during a session, memorize visited pages, etc.:

USER IDENTIFICATION            Assign to identify and authenticate the user. Keeps technical data about the user session, such as connection duration, a session identifier, etc.                   By the end of the session      Data Manager Cookie

SESSION IDENTIFICATION      Identifies the user’s HTTP session. Characteristic of all applications on the web are used to identify queries during the session           By the end of the session      Data Manager Cookie

BROWSING STATUS                 Allows identification of the user’s browsing status (start of session, page)                        By the end of the session            Data Manager Cookie

USER OPTIONS                           Record user’s selected session values (e.g., language, product, sizes, etc.)                       By the end of the session            Data Manager Cookie

THE MOST FAVORITE, LATEST OPTIONS       Allows you to memorize goods left in your shopping cart and use it later in the system      Permanent      Data Manager Cookie

SHOPPING CART                        Records the information about the shopping cart and the user’s identification data associated with the cart         By the end of the session      Data Manager Cookie

Browsing analysis Cookies are used to collect general information about user logins to a platform (not to its specific content) so that we can collect aggregated access information for statistical purposes:

Origin (WC_GASource)           Are used to determine from where the user reached a particular platform page (either from a browser or from an external site)    Permanent      Data Manager Cookie

GoogleAnalytics  (__UTMA, __UTMB, __UTMC, __UTMD, __UTMV, __UTMZ, __UTMT, __GA, __GAT…)                             Allows you to monitor the Website with “GoogleAnalytics”. This is a “Google” based service that helps You get information about user access to the Website. Some data is collected for the analysis purposes, such as how many times the user visited the page, when, duration of his/her visit, etc. The “Google Analytics” tool is provided by Google, in accordance with the terms of service.  “Google” has access to the statistics data collected by this tool and can handle them on US servers, but is committed to applying EU-US Privacy Policy principles to ensure that the service provider complies with EU privacy standards. For more information about “Google Analytics”, click here. An alternative way to turn off “Google Analytics“ is to install a small plugin offered by “Google“, which you can find here.

Permanent      Third party Cookie


  1. Information Protection

9.1. We use reasonable technical and organizational measures to protect information collected by us (including Personal Data) from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, modification, disclosure or access to it without permission. We would like to draw Your attention to the fact that, despite the fact that we use reasonable measures to protect Your Personal data, Arte Domestica cannot fully guarantee the security of your information as it is provided or collected on the internet. However, You may reduce the risk of unauthorized access to Personal Data if You are acting with caution and choosing reasonable protection measures such as using the latest anti-virus software, etc.

9.2. Please note that if You connect to the Website or other functionalities such as a shared computer, certain information about You may also be visible to other people, including those who use your computer after you.


  1. Third Parties

10.1. Arte Domestica does not control the privacy policies and (or) other rules applicable to You against the third parties. You, at Your own risk and at Your own discretion, are responsible and undertake to comply with them in cases where they are applicable to You (for example, when the Website contains links to unauthorized websites of Arte Domestica). Arte Domestica is not responsible for the privacy policies of other websites or any other content when the Website or other functionalities provide links to other websites or they contain a link to the Website. By clicking on the link, logo or other Website or another functional element, or using the services available on the Website or other functionalities, please note that clicking on any of elements referred, You may extend beyond the limits of the Website or other functionalities.

10.2. Arte Domestica does not collect information from the third parties about You, except in the cases provided for in the Privacy Policy, as well as in case of non-compliance with legislation requirements or violations of third parties rights.


  1. Changes in Privacy Policy

11.1. Arte Domestica has the right, at its discretion, to adjust (including modify, edit, add, cancel, revoke) this Privacy Policy or any part of it, and any related information.

11.2. The updated Privacy Policy will be posted on the Website and/or other functionalities and will take effect from the date of its publication (The “Valid from” link at the top of the Privacy Policy indicates when the last time when the Privacy Policy was updated was). We recommend visiting the Website or other functionality to check the Privacy Policy and its updates, and to make sure that You are satisfied with the current version of the Privacy Policy. If You use the Website or other functionality after the publication of the updated Privacy Policy, You agree to the currently available version of Privacy Policy.


  1. Final Provisions and Contact Details

12.1. This Privacy Policy is subject to the law of the Republic of Lithuania.

12.2. All disagreements regarding the implementation of this Privacy Policy are resolved by negotiation. Failing to reach an agreement, disputes are resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

12.3. If You have any questions, claims or need for our help regarding the interpretation of the Privacy Policy or its application, as well as You want to use your rights as a Personal Data Subject, please contact Arte Domestica on the following contact information:


Tel. No.: +370 5 2058883

Address: Verkių g. 25C (“Ulonų verslo centras”), LT-08223, Vilnius.

We will try to respond promptly to all of your inquiries submitted in writing regarding this Privacy Policy (we will respond to all Your requests related to the implementation of Your, as a Personal Data Subject’s rights no later than within 1 (one) month from the date of receipt of the request, except for exceptions specified in the legislation).